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Problem with No-Knead Bread

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Problem with No-Knead Bread (post #69931)


I've never been a bread baker but I've been cooking breads from Nancy Baggett's book Kneadlessly Simple and every recipe I have baked has turned out beautifully. UNTIL this week. I made the recipe for the English Muffin loaf. The only difference in the ingredients in this loaf over the other loafs I have made is that it required nonfat milk powder that was to be added after the first rise. Up until the point of adding the milk powder everything looked like it had with the other breads . . . the bread pulled away from the side of the bowl but as soon as I put the milk powder in it looked wetter and the dough became sticky. The recipe says to "Vigorously stir the powdered milk into the dough. Then vigorously stir in enough more flour to yield a very stiff dough." I added flour and added flour but the dough seemed to become sticker. I finally dumped it in the loaf pans and baked it. It doesn't look too bad but it is a dry, crumbly bread.

I've read through all her troubleshooting tips but nothing seems to fit the significant change in the dough once the milk powder was added.

If anyone has any experience with baking no-knead breads or kneaded breads, I'd really appreciate some help troubleshooting before I try another recipe with powdered buttermilk or powdered nonfat milk.