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Pistachio Essence

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Pistachio Essence (post #65203)


What is it and where can I buy it?  I need it for the RLB cake I am making.


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Doesn't RLB list sources? I'm not a baker, and I've never even heard of it. You could call around to local specialty shops should you not want to wait.

BTW, I read that a new Trader Joe's just opened in West Windsor, on the Northbound side of Route 1. No liquor license but it's quite a bit closer to you than the Westfield store. No help with the pistachio essence, either. ;-)

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Oh we have two TJ's relatively close to us in PA, but I like Westfield for the wine.....LOL...but thanks.


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Oh, I see. Well, drat!

I've done several searches for the pistachio essence and come up empty -- there is lots of organic pistachio "foot softener" out there, but I doubt it would help your reputation as a baker. Have you had better luck than I?

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I see it listed from an outfit in Australia. Sure, right! Deal breaker right there.

Rant enabled. This is exactly the kind of crap that makes me slam a book back down without buying it, obscure ingredients that you know the corner grocer won't be carrying!! Should you find them on the internet, by the time you get them, you've forgotten why you wanted them. Rant over, carry on.

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That is why I carried a jar of rose water through @ 3 moves and 10 years! I figured after that long I would need a new bottle should I ever find a recipe. :)

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There's no mention of it in the "Ingredients" or "Resources" section?

You could always pose the question on her website:

Though she does suggest the following:
As for questions: I would like to suggest that first you page through the whole book including equipment and ingredient sections. It may answer most of your questions. If you can't find the answer in the book, either post your question here or in the forums.

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Assuming "essence" is a synonym for "extract", I'd try a well-stocked health food store.  They often have natural extracts in many flavors.  And you might also try Whole Foods, I believe I've seen some there, too, but I can't recall whether they had pistachio. 

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I did a search on RLB's site....thanks Tracy and found a post that La Cuisine has it.....$15.00 for 2 oz....does not include shipping....I think I will pass or try using pistachio oil if there is such a thing.


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What recipe is this for?

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Sicilian Pistachio Cake in the buttercream


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Marina - yes, the pistachio essence smells and tastes just like pistachio… no artificial flavor or aftertaste.  Imported from France, all natural… very expensive - $15 for 2 ounces.  - This is off


But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!