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Pastry flour

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Pastry flour (post #63832)


I found two products in my local Kash N Karry yesterday - both in the organic foods section.

One was Bob's Red Mill Pastry Flour and the other was Hodgon Mill's Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.

I'm not sure if the Bob's Red Mill was whole wheat or not, as it didn't specify one way or the other on the package.

So, my question is, how will these help my pie crusts (which are still abysmal)? Is whole wheat better, or should I use unbleached pastry flour (if that is what the Bob's Red Mill turns out to be)?

It was $1.59 for 2 pounds of the Hodgson Mill's whole wheat pastry flour, and around $2.50 for 2 pounds of the Bob's Red Mill, so if whole wheat pastry flour is a good, good thing, I'll try that. Only if it will help my pie crusts. I'm sick of buying stupid Pillsbury ones.

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