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Pain a l'Ancienne

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Pain a l'Ancienne (post #63478)


I've just taken these baguettes out of the oven - they're gorgeous and tasty.  It's an extraordinarily easy recipe.  I think I used a little too much water, as the dough was very sloppy, so the shape of the baguettes is not great.  They look more like thin ciabatta, and have a beautiful, holey interior, with the same kind of waxy look that you get with ciabatta.  The recipe is from the BBA, but it's also posted on Shaboom's website.  Here's the link:


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Will this recipe cut in half O.K.? If I have never made this should I attempt it for Easter? Pamilyn

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I don't see why you couldn't make a half-recipe.  It's dead easy to make - mix it up tonight, stick it in the fridge overnight, let it come to room temp and finish rising (3-4 hrs) in the morning, then pan and bake it off.  The dough is majorly wet and sloppy, but as long as you use a reasonable amount of flour when portioning out, it's not too much of a PITA.

If you prefer to measure by weight, just let me know, and I'll post the weights of the ingredients.


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I love this bread - a real winner!

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Our local bakery makes something they call 'pada buns' which is very similar.  I've spent all these years assuming they were beyond the scope of the home baker, and it's great to find out that's not the case.


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Please post the weights.  It makes it easier for me to scale the recipe.  Thanks.

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Here you go:

6 cups/27 oz.                                                        unbleached bread flour
2 1/4 tsp/.56 oz.                                                   salt
1 3/4 tsp/.19 oz.                                                   instant yeast
2 1/4 cups + 2TBS to 3 cups/19 to 24 oz.             ice cold water

I used about 23 oz. water and the dough was extremely sloppy.  Next time I'll probably use about 21.5 oz.


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I understand that getting old hurts, but what does this have to do with bread? :)

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Not worthy of you, UD :))


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Can you believe it took me several minutes to get that, aarrrgghhh (but then, I'm on my first cup of tea this morning, no food yet). I kept reading and rereading deej's post and wondered what was wrong with either your humor or myself.

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Well, that made my morning.

=; D

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