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Outrageous Coconut- cream meringue cake

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Hello everyone,
I am wondering if anyone has made the Outrageous Coconut Meringue cake in the Dec.09-Jan.10 edition of Fine Cooking? I made it but found the cake to be very dense and there was not enough filling between layers. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue. Love to hear if anyone else has made it and what your comments were to the cake. It looked beautiful when it was finished!

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My daughter-in-law made it (post #68956, reply #1 of 2)

My daughter-in-law made it for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was a very dense cake; delicious tho! I think I might increse the amount of filling....It looked stunning! There was a bit of an issue with the meringue--we thought that it needed to be beaten a little longer as it started to slide off the cake after cutting into it.

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Hi Debby, thanks for your (post #68956, reply #2 of 2)

Hi Debby,
thanks for your reply. i too found it very dense and thought next time that I would double the filling or even cut the layers in half to make it thinner layers. I had no trouble with the emeringue falling off but could have whipped mine a bit longer b/c I could taste the sugar granulars still. It was a stunning cake and had lots of comments on how beautiful it looked. I will try it again though.