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Need icing help with Oscar Cookies!

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Hello, all! I always get such good advice from these forums, so when I was unsure of which frosting would suit my cookie plans, I knew this was the right place to check in.

A friend of mine hosts a yearly Oscar party, and this year I've offered to help by making Oscar cookies. The general recipe I am planning on is the one listed at the top of this post. However, I've never been a fan of royal icing, so I'm looking for other suggestions that would be tasty but not so gooey that the cookies won't hold together.

One suggestion for the base part would be to brush the bottom round cookie with chocolate. I would love to try that, and would appreciate if anyone had any advice on how to make either a chocolate cookie icing or just a melted chocolate that would harden a bit.

I think if I go the chocolate route, I might flavor the cookies with orange (either zest or extract--any recommendations?) so they would better match the chocolate. Then it would be nice of the Oscar icing could be orange flavored. Do you think it would work to just do confectioner's sugar, water, and orange flavoring? I do like the idea of the sanding sugar to make it look sparkly.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if any of you expert bakers had good thoughts (either that go with my ideas above or not) to find a nice icing that isn't royal icing and will help make my Oscar cookies a success.

Thanks for the help!



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If I am correct, royal icing (post #71051, reply #1 of 3)

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Great cookie icing (post #71051, reply #2 of 3)

Hi, I have been a decorating technician for about 12 years. I have some grocery chains that I have developed cookie programs for. I always train them to use "roll icing" which is an icing made from base of powdered sugar, what makes it stable is that when you heat it, it does two things. It thins it so that it can be dipped, or piped even brushed, it also changes the physical properties of the sugar so that when it dries, it dries hard.( you need to keep it covered when you are not using it because it will dry out. I heat it in the microwave stirring every minute or so as not to burn it, it gets to about 125 degrees (hot to the touch). It is similar to the icing that you would see on cinnamon rolls, the white, shiney type. I buy 2# at a time on-line at If you want to do different colors, just let them dry inbetween colors for a few minutes and thet stay real clear and crisp looking. pinks and purples always fade in the light, so keep em covered.

Good luck on your next  cookie creations!

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cakebiz (post #71051, reply #3 of 3)

I am very much tickled by the concept of a "cookie program".