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Need Help 4 Cupcakes Version.. Sponge, chiffon or Pound cake?? ^ ^

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Hi there..I need some help...^ ^'

I really really have no idea.. Does cupcakes should make with poundcake recipe or chiffon??

I bake them with poundcake recipe, as i ever (mostly) seen in web. As i seen in cupcakes history, they original recipes is make with poundcake, but for now people has chiffon or sponge for cupcakes baked..

Chiffon will more airy and light than poundcake.

What cupcakes recipe which really2 people liked?? =D


This cupcakes i make in de' Art cupcakes

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Usual cupcakes are just a (post #70206, reply #1 of 2)

Usual cupcakes are just a "cake" recipe, like for a layer cake. Pound cake would be a little unusual and a little dense--good though.  I think baking time might be a problem with pound cake.  Sponge would probably work.

I think English is not your native language--and you do VERY well. But perhaps what you are calling pound cake is not what we usually think of pound cake. Our pound cake doesn't have any leavening powder--just eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and flavorings.

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chocolate cupcakes (post #70206, reply #2 of 2)

I seldom make cupcakes but the ones I have found worked very well for me are the mocha chip cupcakes from Fine Cooking.  I don't know if that is considered a chiffon cake, but I don't think so because if I am not mistaken chiffon cakes take a lot more egg whites.

Good luck!