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National Pie Championship

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National Pie Championship (post #63452)


The (U.S.) National Pie Championship was on FoodTV last night. I was struck by how many of the pies incorporate whipped topping. I think it's used to make chiffon-type pies. Last year's grand prize winner had whipped topping and a cookie crumb crust.  That same contestant won one category this year with another layered pie that included whipped topping and sour cream. I was so glad when the grand prize winner was a more traditional pie:  Cherry-Red Raspberry Pie. I know MeanChef won't agree with her crust recipe, but the judges thought  her crust was terrific. I think this contestant entered 11 pies in different categories and won five. Her other winning recipe that's posted on the FoodTV site is for a PBJ layer pie. I don't think that's something I would like, but I'm definitely trying the Cherry-Red Raspberry.

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Next Monday (3/14) the math department is sponsoring a pie eating contest. 

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