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Mincemeat Pie

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Mincemeat Pie  (post #71554)


So we all know I'm not into baking all that much and as I say not my favorite sport, but I'm on the hunt for a good mincemeat pie recipe, anyone have one they would care to share? 

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mincemeat (post #71554, reply #1 of 11)

Hey ICD!  Sorry I don't have a recipe for you, but if you come across one, I would love to hear about it-- I love mince pie!  Are you going to go for one with actual meat in it, or a more modern all-fruit one?


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Mincemeat (post #71554, reply #2 of 11)

I came up with a few recipes for both types, but I think I'll make the non meat/suet version.  I haven't canned in ages so I am perusing all the recipes that I collected to decide whether to can or not.  I am not going to make an outrageous amount, just enough for a couple of pies and a few tarts.

So far I have chopped some dried figs and soaking in a little brandy (booze over beef), but I'll finish the recipe on Monday since tomorrow is a full day with cooking and company.

I'll try to attach a few links, but don't hold your breath as I set off spam filters all of the time here.  One is from Cottage Sisters and another shown below as well as an Alton Brown version at Food Network.  So I'll report back. 


Home-made Christmas Mincemeat

Home-made mincemeat is dead simple to make. But in the past people used to have trouble storing it. This was because the high percentage of apples oozed too much juice and the juice started to ferment. In the following recipe the mincemeat is placed in a barely warm oven and so the suet gradually melts and as this happens it coats all the fruits, including the apples, sealing in the juices. Vegetarians can make this mincemeat happily, using vegetarian suet.

Makes 3 lb (1.35 kg)

This recipe is adapted from Delia Smith’s Christmas.

  Ingredients  8oz (225g) Bramley apples, cored and chopped small (no need to peel them)  4 oz (110 g) shredded suet  6oz (175 g) raisins  4oz (110 g) sultanas  4oz (110 g) currants  4oz (110 g) whole mixed candied peel, finely chopped  6oz (175 g) soft dark brown sugar  grated zest and juice 1 orange  grated zest and juice 1 lemon  1 oz (25 g) whole almonds, cut into slivers  2 level teaspoons mixed ground spice  ¼ level teaspoon ground cinnamon  good pinch freshly grated nutmeg  3 tablespoons brandy Equipment You will also need 3 x 1lb (350ml) preserving jars and 3 waxed discs.


All you do is combine all the ingredients, except for the brandy, in a large mixing bowl, stirring them and mixing them together very thoroughly indeed. Then cover the bowl with a clean cloth and leave the mixture in a cool place overnight or for 12 hours, so the flavours have a chance to mingle and develop. After that pre-heat the oven to gas mark ¼, 225°F (120°C). Cover the bowl loosely with foil and place it in the oven for 3 hours, then remove the bowl from the oven. Don't worry about the appearance of the mincemeat, which will look positively swimming in fat. This is how it should look. As it cools, stir it from time to time; the fat will coagulate and, instead of it being in tiny shreds, it will encase all the other ingredients.

When the mincemeat is quite cold, stir well again, adding the brandy. Pack in jars that have been sterilised (see below). When filled, cover with waxed discs and seal. The mincemeat will keep for ages in a cool, dark cupboard but I think it is best eaten within a year of making.

NOTE: To sterilise jars, wash the jars and lids in warm soapy water, rinse well, then dry thoroughly with a clean tea cloth, place them on a baking tray and pop into a medium oven, gas mark 4, 350F, 180C, for 5 minutes.

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Looks tasty! (post #71554, reply #3 of 11)

I agree-- the brandy will be a better preservative than suet.  I usually make fruitcake with my accumulated bits of dried fruit, but this sounds like a good change.


P.S. I enjoyed this line: " Vegetarians can make this mincemeat happily, using vegetarian suet."  

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Mincemeat (post #71554, reply #4 of 11)

Looking forward to making the mincemeat tomorrow and I'll take notes and send the results to you.  A good mincemeat pie sounds so good for the holidays.

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More mincemeat (post #71554, reply #5 of 11)

Hey ICD--

Did you see the Food52 posting on mincemeat-- the author makes traditional mincemeat then complains about it.  The good thing is she provides a link to a David Lebovitz quick mincemeat recipe:

This one looks easy enough-- might be worth a try!


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Mincemeat... (post #71554, reply #6 of 11)

Oh no,I'm there...thanks...

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Mincemeat (post #71554, reply #7 of 11)

I recall my mother making it once, but the norm was th alredy prepared stuff in the jar.  No, sorry, I'm not going the meat route either.  Funny about the food 52 comment. 

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mincemeat, hold the meat... (post #71554, reply #8 of 11)

...well, I am totally craving mincemeat pie now, thanks to you.  I got some oranges at the store, I'll candy some peel and then make some-- maybe I'll let it age until Xmas.  I agree with you that brandy will do so much more for the flavor (and for the cook!) than suet.  No fruitcake this year...


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Mincemeat, finally (post #71554, reply #11 of 11)

So I'm all done with the meatless mincemeat and the house smells wonderful.  I use two recipes and now that it is finished, I am wondering if it will thicken as it cools. 

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NO NO NO!!  There is NO way (post #71554, reply #9 of 11)

NO NO NO!!  There is NO way this is safe to can in this way, in my opinion. And remember, I am the one who NEVER processes jam and jelly. "wax discs" are so so out of favor.  And again, I am one who used to use them for jam.

Suet is not a preservative, per se. That amount of brandy is negligible, and not a preservative. It is a flavoring. I am just NOT seeing enough of anything (acid or sugar) to make this safe to can without processing. I would freeze it, personally. I also think the jars are not "sterile" after that treatment, and canning it cold is just not "good". The recipe may be delicious. Just don't can it.  Again, my opinion.

I would look up other recipes for mincemeat that ARE canned, and see what they say.

Just did that, and they all process.

I also would not leave out the suet, from the flavor point of view.

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Mincemeat (post #71554, reply #10 of 11)

I have to make a vegetarian version and I had pretty much decided to freeze the stuff in the small ball freezer containers, but thanks for the advice as I really do not like canning.  I still haven't made it yet as there are so many other things going on for Thanksgiving. 

So what are your plans for T-day, family, travel?