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Microwave/Convectiuon Ovens

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Hello to all, I have been trying to get a decent loaf of bread from a counter top Micr/convection oven now for 6-7 months or more.  The Sharp manual says do not pre heat. my recipe says preheat on most bread ones I have tried. Sharp has a low bake that will allow higher temp if called for and it bakes with micr/convection mode.  Did both and still not a real nice loaf of bread.  Called Sharp they knew almost less than I did. I have seen a few replys from other forums that swear they get a outstanding loaf of bread froom a counter top unit like mine.  I realize that the out put with 120 volts will not be  the same as a oven with 220 and more wattage to work with. My temps seem to be ok with a oven guage. Must have fed 40-50 lbs. of bread to the birds. The info on this site does say counter tops are really not adequate or I thought that was what I read.  If a few that I have read from posts have good luck would it be as usual operator error meaning me.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Mr. Bob

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You are persistant if nothing else. The birds must love you. :) I take it you don't have a conventional oven???  If not, you'd have better luck with a bread machine I think. You can get one for around $50 at WallyWorld.

That said, I use my bread machine for mixing only and bake in my regular oven.

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Hello Jean

   No I do not have a conventional oven any more.  I used to bake real nice bread in a conventional oven but my home now does not have the room.  See

  Bread machine went bad few years ago and I just never replaced.  Not my room in my home any more.

  Thank you for your thoughts and quick reply. I will keep trying . The birds here in the resort in AZ. are always waiting it seems every am.  They do not even fly away any more and getting real fat. The quail multiply with 12-14 babies so quickly I cannot keep up.  They eat me out of every thing including all the bird food that is fed my my Katherine.

Thanks again.  Have a nice  week end.





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Wow! that's quite the rig! When we were shopping for a motor home (and ours is about half as big as yours!) an oven was the one item in the kitchen that I absolutely insisted on. It meant less storage space, but I couldn't imagine not having an oven. I wondered how the convection/microwave would work, because many of the MHs we looked at had them, but after reading your post I'm glad I stuck to my guns.

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    Yes not sure what you purchased but the new ones it is it seems all they have.  Space and cost control I guess you call it.  Mine looks good from a distance but since I have owned it all I have had is problems and still on going. Now they out of business and the new company says sorry we will not honor previous repairs. Bought new in 06 each year 3 months at service for repairs and half still not right.  This was first year I went on the road with it and I had nothing but problems and of course repairs at my expense. I certainly would never recommend a Monaco even from the new owners. All it is now different folks but same strokes if you know what I mean. To fix just the outside cracking in the fibre glass is about 35 K and no guarantee. After over a 1/2 million investment kind of makes it a bad investment.  Most dealers shy away now and its worth is nil almost

    Take care

Mr. Bob



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Have you tried making rolls or buns instead of a loaf of bread?  Just a thought, if they're smaller they might bake fine at a lower temp.

Cheers, Sue B.

The older I get, the better I was.

Cheers, Sue B.

The older I get, the better I was.

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Hi Su

   No have not tried that. Not sure if it it temp or just a concection oven that is giving me a problem.  Temp and time seems to be a problem one way or another.  If I had a regular oven here in the coach I am sure I would be ok as I have always had good luck years ago baking bread.

  Will keep experimenting the birds love the bread bad or what ever. lol

Have a nice day and thank you for replying so quickly to the post.