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Maple Walnut cookie trouble

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I posted this first in the cooking discussion.

Last night I started making the Maple Walnut Cookies from the special issue.  My maple sugar did not granulate  (see picture).  Now I'm wondering was I supposed to BUY maple sugar? or make it???

I am freezing the dough now because I still went ahead and finished the dough.  I refrigerated it overnight and it is still very pliable.

Will report back on the results.

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Screw up success (post #70761, reply #1 of 2)

Gotta love it when even your screw ups turned out!  The cookies came out beautifully after I froze the batter to firm it up.  They taste so nice and the maple flavour is very strong.

Hey, does that mean I just created my very own recipe? LOL

Maple_Walnut_Cookies_004.jpg2.83 MB
Maple_Walnut_Cookies_005.jpg2.66 MB
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Nice job (post #70761, reply #2 of 2)

So glad things worked out for your recipe.  As I mentioned, I don't bake a lot probably because it is all too precise for me and I might have tossed the whole mess had the recipe turnedd out wrong.  Good for you and they look very nice.