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Issue no. 104 cheesecake disaster

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Hello out there to all,

I have been baking for years and am very disappointed with the results of the extreme chocolate cheesecake recipe. There is no problem with my oven temperature and I followed the directions to the letter. I baked the cake for the full 65 minutes at 300 degrees and the cake was completely "raw".  I went out and bought a new oven thermometre just to make sure and I tried the recipe a second time and again, the cake was very under done.

Has anyone else had this problem. My biggest concern is that the cheesecake recipes were untested before they were published.  I must admit I am very annoyed that I spent quite abit of money on this recipe.

Hoping to hear from someone.


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Your Cheesecake (post #70106, reply #1 of 6)

I’m really sorry you tried the recipe twice and had a bad result both times; I can definitely understand why you’d be disappointed. I’ll direct the FC editors to your post; maybe one of them will be able to troubleshoot. You wondered if the recipe was tested; I can address that. Every cheesecake recipe from Abby Dodge’s article—indeed every recipe that runs in the pages of Fine Cooking magazine—is triple-tested (and that’s the minimum!), no exceptions. Even authors who turn out delicious, successful recipes time after time, year after year, like Abby, get the triple-test check.

Stay tuned though, anto13. I’ll put some eyes on this post. Perhaps with a little feedback, the third time will be the charm.


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Cheesecake! (post #70106, reply #2 of 6)

Hi Anthony,

I made the regular cheesecake with no problems:

but I didn't use the chocolate.  How did it seem when you took it out of the oven-- was it jiggly like jello but not liquidy?  


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All baking recipes give an (post #70106, reply #3 of 6)

All baking recipes give an approximate time in the oven and usually on the low side so you don't end up burning something.

Time should ALWAYS be viewed as approximate.  So the answser is to test the cake with a cake tester or wooden skewer and leave it in until done.

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Sorry, but I had no problems (post #70106, reply #4 of 6)

Sorry, but I had no problems when I made mine.  I just use time as a guideline, can't remember if it was over or under an hour.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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A few questions (post #70106, reply #5 of 6)

The eds have been buzzing about your cheesecake disaster over here and need a few more clues to help figure out what might have gone wrong. I know you said you followed the recipe to the letter, but bear with us here, we can’t help but double check a few things: 1) Are you sure you used only three packages of the cream cheese? The base cheesecake calls for four packages, but the recipes with add-ins call for only three. Also, can you tell us what size springform pan you used? We were able to troubleshoot one reader’s problems with the recipe when she told us she used an 8-in springform pan instead of the 9-in. One more thing: what brand of chocolate did you use?

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More info? (post #70106, reply #6 of 6)

I've made this cheesecake recipe three times, each with a different variation, including the extreme chocolate, and have had no problems at all with it. (I've decided that this is now my go-to cheesecake recipe, superseding all others.) To echo other comments, it would be helpful to have a little more information to be able to help you troubleshoot whatever went awry when you used this recipe.