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Hecker's flour in your pantry

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If you have Hecker's in your pantry, please look at the package and post their address. I can't find it on the Internet. I'm not sure if the company's name is Heckers--it may be Ceresota.


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I've used Hecker's flour for years, and their web address is The phone number is 899-866-8527. In some parts of the country the flour is known as Hecker's and in others it is Ceresota.

The address is: The Uhlmann Company, 1009 Central Street, Kansas City, MO 64105-1619. They state that if you are unhappy with their product for any reason, please state the reason along with your name and address, the full bottom of the bag and the price you paid and they will send a full refund.

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Thank you, Marcia! I don't have a problem; just want to ask them what kinds of bulk flour they offer.


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Well, I don't know if the addresses, etc. will help, but they seem very eager to hear from their customers.

I was amused to see in bold print on the bag : ALLERGEN INFORMATION: CONTAINS WHEAT. I should hope so, but I suppose laws or lawsuits make it necessary to place such information on the package.

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Regarding the allergen notification, I also crack up at things like that, especially on such things as Wheat Bread, and Wheat Crackers...

(the same applies to peanut-containing products having warnings about how they may contain peanuts and be processed in a facility that also processes peanuts.)

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I have food allergies and am avid reader of labels. There are so very many things that companies don't have to list or can list under innocent sounding names. Most irksome, and then to see something so obvious. Really strange.

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I was amused to see in bold print on the bag : ALLERGEN INFORMATION: CONTAINS WHEAT. I should hope so, but I suppose laws or lawsuits make it necessary to place such information on the package.

Heeeee! Almost as good as the stern admonition on hairdryers: Do not use in shower.

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Oh, dang. NO more  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's!! Spoil sports.


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Remember several years ago when someone filed suit against McDonalds because the coffee was so hot it burned them? That may be when posted warnings for things that are obvious became more prevalent.

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Sorry, but that poor woman was entirely in the right. I'd expect coffee I spilled on myself to be hot, I would NOT expect to be admitted to the hospital with third-degree burns requiring surgery and skin grafts.

All she sought was compensation for her medical expenses, and they refused to settle. The initial HUGE judgment against them was in the amount of one day's profit from McDonalds coffee sales, and it was tossed out later.

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Yes, she has truly been misrepresented in the media for that suit.


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Snort. That is a good one, and I'm sure there are far too many more.

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Or the one they put on windshield sunshades: Do not drive with this in place.


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It's sad that in today's litigous society, we have to warn ignorant people against things the rest of us find laughable, just to protect against lawsuits.  Some idiot would probably try to drive with a sunshade in place, then sue the manufacturer when they had a wreck.

BTW, I understand that in the famous McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit that the restaurant had been warned numerous times that the coffee was entirely too hot, and that the woman suffered several pretty bad burns, so it wasn't quite as funny as we thought at first.

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I was talking with my husband about the hairdryer warning, and he thought that the people who live in Sniveler's Gulch would need the warning. I tend to agree. ;-)