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The Hand Made Loaf

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The Hand Made Loaf (post #64645)


got the book on Friday - I am in love.

this is the kind of book that makes you want to drop everything and go try the recipes.

75% of the recipes require that you create your own leaven - from a mixture of rye flour, regular flour, raisins and yogurt

call me nuts, but I started my leaven yesterday - should be good to go in 6 days!

as for how to make the bread, he uses very little kneading, 15 seconds max, allowing the dough to rest after each kneading cycle, anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the recipe.

today I will try one simple loaf that does not require the leaven, and see how it goes.

The recipes in the book are divided by country - you won t find French baguettes, for instance. France is the last country he writes about, and the breads listed are: oatcakes, barley flatbread, and salt and sour berry crispbread.
Pretty unusual stuff.

I will report back.....



It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

(October 2007)

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and no one else fits in those little butt prints.



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Amen!  I tried it once, and it was highly uncomfortable!

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