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Halloween treats

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Halloween treats (post #65242)


Used an aunt's Kolachky(or however you spell it) dough recipe (2 sticks butter, 1 large package cream cheese, pinch salt, 2 cups AP flour) w/a bit of sugar (1/4 cup) to make Raspberry Skulls and Non-Nutella Bats.

The Raspberry Skulls were easy.  The difficult part was finding cutout thingys to make the nose & eyeholes.  I place the jam between the 2 pieces of dough, after they came out of the oven and the residual heat melted the jam, nicely.

The Non-Nutella Bats were strictly a glaze (picked up a jar of "natural" Nutella...much, much tastier than the regular stuff).  Schmeared the stuff on while the cookie was hot and it melted smooth & turned glossy.

Photos when I make a better batch, tonight. 

Let dogs out at ohGodhundred. Pouring rain & Kitty catches an oppossum. Burn hand while baking cookies. Slip on backstairs and end up faceup but head down to basement w/one hand on the potted bay tree(which saved me). Skulls are a little brown, instead of white but the bats are perfect. Never bake when tired.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with parsley sauce, goat cheese garlic mashed potatoes, Galena Cellars Niagra grape wine & Pie Boss's apple crumble topped with Ruth & Phil's sour cream/cinnamon ice cream.