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?? for Glenys re: Sauterne Cake

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Glenys, I made your Sauterne Cake on Monday and have a couple questions about the method and my results.

1. It did not deflate in the oven once I turned down the heat. I used organic eggs that looked maybe a bit bigger than regular large eggs. Could this have been the reason? The texture of the cake was more like a really, really moist pound cake rather than what some other people described. But tasty. Oh my, was it tasty.

2. In the method, are you supposed to beat in all the flour, then the oil and wine, or alternate little bits of each? I wasn't quite sure.

Thanks for sharing this recipe - I had doubts when I tasted the batter because it tasted overwhelmingly of olive oil, but once baked the flavours were wonderful.

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Mine didn't deflate either and was very moist and similar to pound cake in denseness, but lighter somehow and not buttery of course. Hard to describe actually.

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It may not deflate but what I try to impress upon people is this style of cake is not perfection.  It's a simple cake, and frankly, unless a cake is simple in it's intent and intense in it's flavour, I'm not interested.  I hate cake. 

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