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Gingerbread and sugarcubes

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Gingerbread and sugarcubes (post #63373)


I got a new film developed and wanted to share my Christmas gingerbread project with you, as well as the Rudolph sugar cubes I made for the Christmas office party.

I got the pattern for the gingerbread from which is the most wonderful site for gingerbread fanatics, and the cubes I saw at


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I am in awe of you.

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Thanks :o). I wish I would like to cook as much as I like to play with this!

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Wow! Very impressive.


It occurs to me that I never posted the tomato bread recipe. Sorry! I'll post it early next week - the one I normally make takes tomatoes and their juices, rather than sundried, but I'm thinking you can easily adapt it to get your bread. :-)

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Thanks Wolvie! And I'd appreciate the bread recipe, although you don't have to worry about posting soon, I won't be able to try for at least a few weeks.

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Helena, I admire your artistic skills! The gingerbread street looks a lot like a regular Dutch street... I always thought that old Dutch towns are made of gingerbread, indeed they are.

Count me in for your fanclub.

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wow! Impressive. You picked the hardest one, didn't you!

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Thanks, but no, actually I didn't, LOL! There's patterns there that would give me serious nightmares, ha!

I am still dreaming of doing that RLB gingerbread cathedral though ;o)

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Thanks eisje and good to see you! How have you been? It's like we haven't talked in ages. Is your email still the same as it was before?

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True, I haven't heard from you for a while either. My e-mail is still the same, I wrote you a month ago, got no responce... probably e-mail trouble.

I would love to hear from you!

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I didn't get anything, how weird is that? Will try again, okay?

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Fabulous, fabulous job!!!!  What a masterpiece....thanks for sharing!!

Chiqui from way down yonder in New Orleans


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Shock and awe!  From someone who couldn't even assemble a gingerbread kit.

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Thanks :o). All it takes is patience in my case. I started with the kit too and hated the powdered based white goop that never held any walls together also..

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Very impressive! Your lettering on the gingerbread is especially lovely!


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Gorgeous, Helena - you're obviously a woman who takes gingerbread construction very seriously!


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Wow!! These are both absolutely stunning... and the decorated cookies in the other thread are just darling!!!

You say I'm a b---- like that's a bad thing.

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Thank you Tracy! My friend hasn't seen the cookies yet, she's got her brain on much more important business now!

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Finally you posted it!!! People, it looks even more impressive in real life!

Do you have pics of the miniature houses you made. Those are soooo cute!

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Hihi, I was *so* sick of those SIXTY darned houses that all I could think of was how glad I was to get them out of my sight, so no, I didn't want to take a picture, LOL!!

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Thanks, I do! It's one of my favorite things to waste time on ;O)

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 Wow.  You've done a wonderful job!  
 Did anyone else happen to catch the gingerbread challenge on foodnetwork?  They followed a few people on their quest to win a competition in North Carolina.  Helena is well on her way.

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Thanks Karen! That must have been Grove Park inn, I can't tell you how much I would *love* to go see what is going there! A friend once taped me a show that featured some of the applicants, and I was in heaven. I think I watched it 4 times in a row ;o)

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My goodness, more great photos.  Your gingerbread townhouses look like something from Department 56.

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What's Department 56? Lol, figures that I never heard of that! Thanks by the way :o)

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Wow!  You must have a lot of patience.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Simply gorgeous gingerbread street! I cannot imagine the work that went into that. And the sugar cubes are precious!

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Thanks Moxie!!

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Thanks Adele! It's like therapy for me ;o)