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Fudgy Frosting, part II

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Fudgy Frosting, part II (post #63898)


Okay, I didn't end up testing any of the recipes posted - I'm sorry!!!!!  I am going to do it, though, just to do it.  But this week has been so insane I didn't have time.

SOOOOO - I decided to try the fudge frosting in Abby Dodge's Weekend Baker. 

To quote my 5 year old, "It rocks!". 

It really does.  It is LUSCIOUS.  Now, I haven't put it on the cake yet, so I have no idea how it spreads and works.  But for sheer fudgy-taste, it is TDF.  Sweet, rich, creamy, chocolatey.  Just what the Max-a-saurus ordered.  And it's dead-easy to make, too.  I made mine in the FP, though.  You dump everything in except the chocolate.  Then, melt the chocolate, pour that in, then whiz around until so thick it can't move.  Ta-da!  Done.

I better get it on the cake soon or I'll have to make another batch! (G)

Oh, and - the bugs came out terrific.  A praying mantis, a jewel beetle, a rhinocerous beetle, a blue morpho butterfly, a hairy jewel beetle, and a ladybeetle.  I'll post pics when the whole cake is done.


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