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Cranberry Almond Bundt disaster

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Made the cake, put it in the oven, and sat down with a cup of coffe to relax. OMG!!!  It's 8 0Z. of butter, not 8 tbs.  What was I thinking?  I used 1 stick instead of two.  I really think senility is setting in.  So I let it bake, wanting to see what it would be like with half the butter.

When it came time to invert the cake onto the rack it wouldn't release... the pan is a Nordic non-stick, buttered and floured.  Stuck to the pan like glue and came out in chunks.  (didn't taste bad, though.)  Into the garbage.

Hope you're all doing better than that.

Happy Holidays to all.




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(post #63382, reply #1 of 5) shouldn't have trashed it.  Sounds like it would have made a great trifle!  That's always an option for stuck cakes which end up in pieces.

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That pan is hard to get to release also. I have to REALLY grease and flour mine, let the cake cool JUST right, run a knife around it AND hold my mouth just right. Agree about the trifle or "bread" pudding possibilities.


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Darn it!  I forgot to hold my mouth just wonder it didn't release.  I wish I had thought to use it for bread pudding, though.  Oh well, there will be a next time.


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What a shame.  I always hate to hear of all those good ingredients being trashed.  I don't think I could do that no matter how bad it was.  Well, I take that back....burned to a crisp, salt subbed for sugar....yes, I could toss that.  

I made this cake yesterday.  I committed to making it for a large party where I thought mine might be the only dessert besides the eggnog.  (Indeed there wasn't much else, but dinner was wonderful and filling.)   So I looked at the recipe and noticed that it only had 1 1/2 c. flour.  I didn't remember its being a small cake, but I panicked and finally decided to increase it by 1/2.  As I spooned the batter in the pan, it was getting to past 2/3 full, so I put the last little bit in a separate ramekin.  The cake turned out well.  It was very moist, baked just about right, I think, but it was quite crumbly.

CT keeps reminding me of the importance of following the formula when baking, and using the correct pan size.  I'm afraid I still break the rules sometimes, willing to take the risk. 

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Re: recyling cake disasters -I made several small breads and a bunch of muffins with a Julia Child gingerbread recipe, which I love. It has black pepper in it and grated fresh ginger, lotsa pizazz. But I let it bake too long so a thick crisp crust formed, almost un-chewable. I was desperate, and then suddenly realized I could use it for a gingerbread pudding, adding some nice golden delicious apple slices, some plain croutons, eggs and cream. Delicious! Now all I have to do is remember to put it in the oven early tomorrow morning. :-)

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New Mexico home organic gardener Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. Emerson