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Copper (post #63381)


Recently interested again in pulling and blowing sugar, any reason why you may 'need' to use a copper pot to heat the batch?  Would your average Stainless do?

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You don't "need" a copper pot.  Be careful with blown sugar - you can mess yourself up good if you don't know what you are doing.

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Oh, yeah! Liquid Napalm.


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tell me more.... what are my hazards, flash? And is it with gas stove Ill be using electric

Ive messed up plenty, and always getting into something... lye and soap is another good one.

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The only hazzards are severe burns.  Pulled sugar is a bit tamer, but still easy to burn yourself. 

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thanks for the info.  Ive worn plastic, hot glue, and solder before, so Ill keep that in mind.

Is it if it pops, or just because it is close to your face?  I guess how is it different from pulled?

Do you happen to know if people usually use Isomalt instead... One pastry chef happened to mention that product.


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When blowing, just remember to exhale only.  Yes hot near your face.  I have done both and as long as you respect the heat you won't have a problem.