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Cookies-- what are you baking?

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After many many batches of chocolate chip cookies, I finally found a recipe we love-- my husband's grandmother's recipe (   I've made about 5 batches of these-- I'm on my second 72-ounce bag of chocolate chips.  Don't worry, I've been bicycling a lot and most of the cookies get shared, I swear!

Anyway, now I am a bit tired of chocolate chip cookies and am looking for other cookies.  I noticed a recipe for vanilla slice-and-bake cookies in the Holiday Baking issue.  I remember seeing this recipe before, when it was published in 2007, and again in a cookies special issue.  So, having bought this recipe several times (see attached photo), I decided to finally try it.  Here's the link:

These were really good-- better than the Chewy or Crunchy Sugar Cookies that we made as part of the Challenge.  Somehow they were crunchy and buttery, with a great vanilla flavor.  Plus I love the slice-and-bake format-- so convenient.  Yum!  I made some with Halloween sprinkles and I bet they would be good with a lemon glaze, or as sandwich cookies.

So, is anyone else baking cookies?  It's getting to be the season....


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brownies (post #71538, reply #31 of 34)

I haven't gotten around to the crackle cookies, but I did make a batch of the bittersweet brownies:

The Chewy Brownies are still my all-time favorite, but these were quite good-- soft and chocolatey!  Plus I have a surplus of cocoa that I need to use up!  I think the texture of these really needs nuts-- I used pecans (also need to use up).  

Mmm, brownies!

Anyone baking?

Cheers, Jen

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OH, IS THIS A NEW POST. WHO (post #71538, reply #32 of 34)


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Almond Cookies (post #71538, reply #33 of 34)

There seems to be lots of discussion in this thread.  I was craving almond cookies.  I got a recipe fromt the internet, where many people rated it, saying it was great. I should have known. You cannot always trust those internet recipes. The cookies were mediocre at best.  Does anyone have a good almond cookie recipe?

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almond cookies (post #71538, reply #34 of 34)

Hey Carol!  Ha, I know what you mean about those random internet recipes!  

What kind of almond cookies were you thinking about-- those ones with ground almonds, where the cookies are dusted in powdered sugar?  FC has this almond cookie dough from Alice Medrich (whom I find a very reliable author):

kitchengoddess, was this one of the recipes you made in your epic Christmas cookie baking?  They look really really good-- especially the thumbprints.  I have some leftover caramels from Xmas-- mmm, salted caramel thumbprints!

Cheers, Jen

P.S. Yeah, there is some discussion in this thread, even though some of it is me talking to myself!  With a 7-year-old, I am always baking cookies, bars, or somesuch sweet.