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cinnamon bread recipe, didnt like KA one

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Hi all, I make the KA one, lots of yeast, liltte rise time, it smelled great looked "ok", tasted "ok", anyone got a better one, my LIMITED bread exoerience has indicated a slow rise, less yeast = a better product, but hey, I could be wrong (ask my 16 year old daughter, she thinks I am ALWAYS wrong!)

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I agree.  Long, slow rises do give a much greater depth of flavor to yeasted products.  That's why I really like the - first rise on counter, punch down, rise over-night in fridge, pan, rise, bake - method best.

Ancora Imparo -

Ancora Imparo -

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By KA do you mean Kitchen Aide (as in their instruction booklet) or King Arthur. The King Arthur site has oodles of interesting cinnamon bread recipes. Check it out.

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I don't have a cinnamon yeast bread, but I do have a great cinnamon quick bread. It's in the T&T folder.

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Hi, It was the King Arthur recipe out of the newer HC book, sorry fro the confusion, Dave

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You know - as much as I love King Arthur flour, I've found their recipes to be very "eh".  They aren't bad, but they really aren't all that great, either.

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Ancora Imparo -

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I love the cinnamon bread recipe from the Breadbaker's Apprentice. It's not a long-rise bread by any means, but has a nice complexity without being too sweet. If interested, I'll scan and post tonight.

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Hi, i have the book, I will ck, thanks, dave