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Chocolate Chip Brownie Help

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Hello, I tried the most delicious brownie ever at a cafe and would like to match the recipe at home. However the most important quality of this dessert is that it had chocolate chips at the bottom which were "un-melted". The chocolate chips tasted like the chocolate in a chocolate cigarette. On the top of the brownie there were macadamia nuts. Also, they had a perfect fudgy texture, not cakey or chewy. Can you please help me achieve this masterpiece?

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I love Alice Medrich "Best Cocoa Brownies" in her book Bittersweet.  Use that as your brownie "base".  It is fudgy but not too fudgy.  Oh and if you let your brownie batter sit for 24hrs BEFORE baking, it improves the flavour immensely (I did an experiment<G>).

Now onto the next part of your brownie.  Regular chocolate chips are processed in such a way that it takes alot of heat to melt them.  I think you can get away with using "normal" chocolate chips.  Unfortunately, I don't know what a chocolate cigarette tastes like but Nestle's semi-sweet chocolate chips are more chocolate than milk chocolate but not as chocolate as bittersweet.  You may need to purchase assorted bags of chocolate chips to experiment (the sacrifices we make for scientifical research!).

And lastly, the macadamia nuts.  I'm thinking that you would need to use untoasted macadamia nuts on top of the batter BEFORE baking.  If you toast and then bake, they might get too brown. 

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Thanks, that's great advice.

And the chocolate cigars are candy (its a chocolate wraped in a paper to make it look like a cigar, but that doesnt matter i finally realized it was the taste of snow-caps (another famous old fashion candy) so it is bittersweet chocolate.

Alright! I'll be spending lots of time in the kitchen these days, there's lots of trial and error to be done. Wish me luck