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Chiffon Question

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Chiffon Question (post #67991)


My question is, after I inverted the cake on a bottle, 12 minutes had passed and while I making frosting, the cake fell out of the pan. Not too much damage, just a bit of the side of the cake stuck to the side of the pan. Is this normal and how can I get the cake not to fall?

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Oli, I assume you are using (post #67991, reply #1 of 6)

Oli, I assume you are using an angel food cake pan. Is it non-stick? Have you used it successfully before now?

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Yes this is a non-stick angel (post #67991, reply #3 of 6)

Yes this is a non-stick angel food cake pan with removable bottom. It's been years since I did one and that was the first and that one came out just fine. This is a different recipe than the one I used years ago, and this one is good because its RLB's orange chiffon cake.

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cAKE WAS UNDERCOOKED. (post #67991, reply #2 of 6)


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Sounds reasonable. One thing (post #67991, reply #4 of 6)

Sounds reasonable. One thing I forgot to add, the recipe called for a light oil, such as Safron, but all I had was vegetable.

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RLB's chiffon cakes are the (post #67991, reply #5 of 6)

RLB's chiffon cakes are the ultimate, IMO. It could be that your cake was underbaked, as Mean suggested. According to RLB, other reasons could be that the cake was in a place where there was a draft, or that the humidity was too high. Was there a large air pocket anywhere on the side of the cake?

Using vegetable oil instead of safflower oil wouldn't have caused this result. She says that safflower oil makes for a lighter texture, but I've used both oils and have never found all that much difference.

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I believe it was undercooked, (post #67991, reply #6 of 6)

I believe it was undercooked, recipe said 55min, but I tend to set the timer a little before recommended time so I can make sure its not overdone. The toothpick came out clean,the cake had cracks on the surface and it did spring back when pressed on the surface, so I figured it was done. I will make sure I go the full 55min next time.