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Cake with whipped cream question

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hello everyone,

a quick question for all you bakers...a friend has asked me to bake a layer cake with whipped cream in the middle. The only problem is that she cannot refrigerate the cake because she needs to put salads and sandwiches into the fridge. The temperature of the day in June is suppose to be about 24 degrees question..can she keep the cake out at room temperature and if long can it be kept at room temperature..? thanks so much! If it can't be kept at room temp...any other suggestion to go in between teh 2 layers of cake along with some sliced strawberries. I am making a vanilla buttercream frosting on the outside of the forward to hearing from you novice bakers!

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I don't think so (post #71351, reply #1 of 1)

Hi there,

I am no expert on the topic but I don't think that it will stay.  I made a cake with whipped cream icing once and it just fell flat.  Could you make a lemon curd to go in the middle or raspberry jam ...just some suggestions.  Let us know how it turned out!