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Cake Flour

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Cake Flour (post #70391)


Does anyone know where you can purchase cake flour larger than the Swans Down box size? Let's say, like a 5 pound bag. Also, can cake flour and pastry flour be interchangeble? Thank you :)

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Cake flour (post #70391, reply #1 of 6)

Hi dewbaker!  

I get my cake and pastry flour from King Arthur Flour, online.  If you sign up for their email newsletter, they will sometimes have free shipping specials-- essential for heavy flour.  Other sources will probably depend on where you live.  As for interchangeability, I think the answer is that it depends on the exact compositions of the flours and what you're making.  For most things, I would say yes, but you may have to try.

So, what are you making with all that cake flour?  Don't ask me about angel food cake-- I stink at baking that!


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hi pie,   thank you for (post #70391, reply #2 of 6)

hi pie,


thank you for your thoughts. i will look into king authur. i live in so cal. as to the answer for all the cake flour, i like to have it on hand for when i feel the need to make cake. the swans down box is enough for one cake with not enough left over for the next one. i will experiment with the pastry flour i have and pass on any knowledge i gain. i haven't attempted any kind of sponge cake. my mother, years ago when we lived in sacramento, entered her sponge cake in the state fair and won a blue ribbon. it was real interesting to watch the judges test and taste all the entries. with my mother's cake, one judge took a small piece and was squeezing it between his fingers next to his ear to listen for the sponginess and then proceeded to have the other judges do the same. it was quite interesting. mind you, this was at least 35 years ago. if i can figure out the measurements, i will pass the recipe (she uses a rice bowl for measuring).

happy baking :)

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Prize-winning! (post #70391, reply #3 of 6)

Hi dewbaker, that is a really cool story about your mom, and so funny with the rice bowl.  I do hope you can preserve the recipe.   Is your mother still alive?  If so, may I suggest taking a kitchen scale to translate "rice bowls" into weight?  That might give you the best approximation.  Good luck!


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cake flour (post #70391, reply #6 of 6)

hi pie, yes, mother is around. she's too busy babysitting grandson to do too much cooking/baking these days. i should watch and notate next time she makes the cake as well as all her other fabulous dishes. she's from the very old school where there are no measurements, just some of this and some of that. i need to measure!!! dew

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You can make your own by (post #70391, reply #4 of 6)

You can make your own by adding cornstarch.

ubstitutes:   pastry flour  (This has more protein than cake flour but less than all-purpose flour. Cakes made with pastry flour tend to be a bit less delicate and crumbly.) OR  all purpose flour (Substitute 7/8 cup all-purpose flour for each cup of cake flour and add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch for every 7/8 cup all-purpose flour used.  Cakes made with all purpose flour tend to be less delicate and crumbly.)

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cake flour (post #70391, reply #5 of 6)



thank you for the measurements. i remember reading somewhere the equivalent substitution for cake flour, but can never remember which book/magazine when i need it. i will right down where i can access much quicker.