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Bundt pan follow-up

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Bundt pan follow-up (post #64244)


Thank you all who responded to my query about using a Bundt pan and recipe that called for alcohol and pudding, then didn't bake through all the way.  I combined your responses and my next cake came out perfectly.  I followed the measurements for the ingredients of the recipe, but I only filled the Bundt pan 2/3 to 3/4 full.  This prevented the batter from rising up and crashing as it did last time, making the first finished cathedral cake look as if the walls of the cathedral were coming down!  I put the remaining batter in 3 sprayed Pyrex dishes and they were great.  I also baked the cake much longer - I don't have the recipe with me but I think I went from 55-60 mins to 1 hr 10-15 mins.  This time the cake was baked through.  I now have a distant memory that was the problem with my cousin's pound cake - I tend to take cakes out when they look done as in layer cake pans.  I've learned, keep baking even though the knife is clean.  The only thing I did not do this time was add the glaze of additional Kahlua and powdered sugar as I froze the cake after cooling.  On thawing and serving that just took away a bit of the Kahlua flavor but was preferable as I was taking it to a church pot luck with folks of all ages.  Thanks again for all your help.  SWCook