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Buche de Noel

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Buche de Noel (post #63353)


Hello everyone!  I was hoping for a little advice on something un-Alfredo related...(!)

I have had great success at Christmastime with an atypical buche de Noel (holiday roll) that is made with figs and currants, filled with mascarpone cream and served atop a raspberry coulis.  It's decadent and delicious (if anyone wants the recipe, it came from a Jailbird Martha mag a few years back, I can try to find it) and always get rave reviews from my clients.  The only problem is, it's a time-consuming cake which I would like to be able to prepare ahead and freeze, but I'm not sure if it would turn out ok after thawing.  Mean Chef, you might be able to help me out on this one.  My biggest concern is with the mascarpone cream filling.

Also, I wanted to spruce it up a bit by adding an alcoholic glaze (the cake doesn't have any kind of frosting).  Anyone have any ideas of which alcohol would go well with figs, currants, spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves, and a mascarpone filling? 

Thank you all for your helpful input!