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a bread making puzzle

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a bread making puzzle (post #65280)


Hi, this is my first entry to the forum. I come with a puzzle in hand regarding bread making. My breads, both standard white as well as a very hearty whole grain, have been coming out of the oven with the top crust separated from the rest of the loaf - separated by wide flat spaces (i.e. bubbles?); that is the spaces cover much of the width and length of the loaf. I have been making bread for over 20 years, long enough to have experienced pretty every sort of failure, but this seems to be approaching chronic.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?



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Funny how something very small can affect your bread. Or try
to post some pics and someone can help you.

Maybe this can help? From

I've got a tunnel between the crust and the crumb. This is also called a "flying crust." Some very good professional bakeries turn out breads with this fault and get praised for it. Go figure.

* The dough was allowed to rise to long in a very dry environment. This is the primary cause. The dough rises properly during the first part of the rise. When the rise goes on too long, the interior, what will be the crumb, begins to settle back a bit, since the dough is getting weak. But since the crust has been allowed to dry out a bit, it can't fall back with the interior, so it stays high and dry. When the loaf is finally baked, the crumb doesn't rise up to meet the crust, and the tunnel stays.
* The final rise period was too short. This is a very rare occurrence, but it can happen. Just make sure you rise for the proper time and do the punch-in test.