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adjusting baguette baking time

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Does anyone have suggestions on adjusting temperature and/or baking times when using a perforated silcone coated baguette pans like this one below? Triple Baguette Pan The manufacturer's instructions say to reduce oven temp by 25 degrees.   Does not mention reducing baking time though.  I only recently started baking bread, but the loaves are cooking way too fast and become way too hot.  I am not sure if the best appproach is to further reduce temperature or reduce baking time. 

I'm using The Bread Baker's Apprentice recipe to make baguettes  which calls for starting with oven at 500, then at 30 second intervals, open oven and spray walls to create more steam.  Do this three times, then reduce temp to 450 and bake for 10 minutes, rotate pan bake another 10 minutes.  Internal temp should reach at least 205.

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