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2 apricot desserts

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2 apricot desserts (post #63544)


A busy baking weekend!  I was lucky to find good fresh apricots at the grocery store which is unusual and happened to have two books from the library to peruse:  Emily Lucchetti's "A Passion for Desserts" and Nick Malgieri's "Perfect Cakes".  I know Nick is not respected on this board, but I thought the Apricot Bavarian cake sounded interesting.  Not bad, but I thought the apricot flavor too diluted by the whipped cream which was then mixed with gelatin.  White cake(1 layer) split and soaked with rum syrup, apricot jam spread on then topped with the Bavarian Cream(cooked pureed apricots folded into whipped cream).  Iced with whipped cream and garnished with sliced toasted almonds.  Not bad  BUT.....

....the apricot Jalousie tart from EL was just what one would expect!  8 layers of filo with almond sugar in between each layer, fresh apricots coated with a puree of cooked apricots and sugar, the top layer of filo layers has small holes cut out so the apricots are exposed when the top is in place---gorgeous when baked!!!  So much pure apricot flavor!  I discovered Emily Luchetti through this site and have never been disappointed by any of her recipes!