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1st Wedding Cake - practice cake

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I have the house to myself today so I thought it would be a good day to do a practice cake for the wedding cake. We are going to a friend's for brunch tomorrow and they will be my taste testers. This cake is for taste, timing, assembly and a bit of basic decorating. Here is the synopsis so far:

I made 4 cakes in total - 2"x9" and 1.5"x8" since that is what I have on hand while waiting for my wedding cake pans to arrive.

I made the 9" with all-purpose flour and the 8" with Swans Down flour just to see what the differences would be like taste wise and how much "stronger" the all-purpose cake would be in comparison. The all-purpose recipe was from Food and Wine and the 8" from the Swans Down website. I tried to have all the other ingredients similar for comparison purposes and these two seemed to match the best.

Right now the cakes are cooling and I'm going to make one batch of RLB Mousseline so I can crumb coat the cakes.

A few questions have come up at this point.

Would you put any soaking syrup or jam on the cakes for extra moisture/flavouring?

When I crumb coat each cake to seal in crumbs does it also provide a moisture barrier from the fresh fruit? Do I want that?

Do you prepare the fruit in any other way besides washing and thoroughly drying? When I put the next layer on do I want to press down at all or try to keep fruit whole?

Do I add another layer of buttercream before putting on the fruit or is that too much bc? I thought it might hold it in place better?? Do I also put a thin layer of bc on the underside of the upper layer?

So far things have been going OK and if it looks somewhat acceptable I will take photos later. Heck, even if it isn't I'll post the pictures.


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Yes, I agree about the strawberries. When I made the test cake I couldn't get any fresh strawberries on island so I went with frozen raspberries and fresh blueberries and blackberries. I will definitely make everything a uniform thickness. Would you do anything to the blueberries? They were kind of pretty whole when we sliced into the test cake.