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1st Wedding Cake - On my way....

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Well, the wedding is now two days away and I figured I should give everyone an update since everyone has been so helpful. I've been dreaming about this cake and wake-up thinking I've forgotten something very important. I've also been taking pictures throughout the day so after it is finished I'll put a few up plus tomorrow at the resort decorating and the finished cake.

I did try the marshmallow fondant but the bride wants all buttercream so I will go with her request. I'm still glad I have the recipe and I know it works so will definitely use in future cakes- thanks. The other day I went to the hardware store and bought a spackle knife to help smooth the cakes as well as a set square to help with the vertical lines.

Since my test cake I read about a recipe on Chowhound for a butter cake which was recommended for wedding cake layers. I have to say I really love this recipe. Today I baked off all six of the layers and I was going to start the buttercream this afternoon but I opened the butter to find black mould on it! Yup, welcome to the Caribbean. More butter has been found at the shop but I'm taking a break to have something to eat. My plan is to crumb coat everything and get the layers together with the fruit and have the three separate tiers in the fridge overnight. A bit stressful finding all the fruit and a half pint of raspberries were $6.43. The fruit is the most expensive item. Tomorrow I pack everything up and head off to the resort to finish decorating the cake.

I did turn the cakes right side up to cool - thanks for that tip. I'm still finding it tough to decide if they are truly flat although these cakes did bake flatter than the other ones. I have a ruler which I'm laying across just to check and that seems to help.

I will update as things progress....

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Sorry to hear about the butter but the rest sounds great.

Do you have a level you could use for layers? Or if someone has an iTouch or iPhone, there's a free app that makes the unit into a level. That might help.

Good luck. We want pictures!

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Thanks - I do have a level but how is the best way to check? Do you try it at 12-6 and 3-9 like a clock to make sure it is all level?

OK, depending how the rest of the evening goes I will try to upload some pictures tonight.

When placing the raspberries, strawberries and blueberries would you just put them in randomly or place them so it forms a pattern? I saw a wedding cake with just raspberries and they had them in concentric circles and it did look pretty when sliced. Is it worth it?

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I would try it at 12-6 and 9-3 as you mentioned. The circled fruit does sound pretty but I guess it will depend on your time.


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I wouldn't worry about flat. You are going to put buttercream on them so if they are reasonably close, the icing will cover your sins. Plus you are going to add fruit, so no one is going to tell if they are flat or not. Just make sure you cut the rods/straws/dowels exactly the same length.

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