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1/2 Batch of Cookies

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1/2 Batch of Cookies (post #63671)


With the change in weather I'm starting to get into the spirit of baking again. I've been testing different cookies that I might like to make for Christmas. Not wanting the extra calories, I made 1/2 batches. Tonight's cookie was the Chocolate Covered Cherry cookie from this site. The recipe called for 1 egg. So I beat an egg and put half of it in the recipe. I'm now wondering if I should have added the whole egg. When any of you make a 1/2 batch of something are there any ingredients that you don't reduce?

Many thanks for any insight you can offer and more thanks for all that you have taugh Tom and I through the years! We eat much better simply because we've read what you've written.

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I understand your calorie concerns. The best and easiest answer for me is to make the full recipe and then freeze the rest. If you wrap nicely in parchment paper or foil it will last for a while. That way, the next time you have an urge for a single cookie, you can cook just that and not be tempted by a whole batch. I love it.

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I tend to halve everything. For eggs, I 'scramble' them and weigh them in 2 like containers.


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I agree with Kyle, though sometimes I just "use my best judgement." Last night I halved a cornbread recipe and it called for 5 eggs in the orginal recipe. I used 3 and slightly reduced the milk (okay, it was because it was all the milk we had). You can usually get away with fudging the egg a bit.

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Last night when I wrote the post I must have known instictively that something would be amiss. The cookies were extremely dry, but the overall flavor was great. The cookie portion seemed to disintegrate once it hit the mouth. I think they needed more fat. So over the weekend I'll try another 1/2 batch and increase the egg to 1 whole and maybe even increase the butter. I'm wondering though if they are supposed to be dry. Has anyone made these before?

The thing I really like about baking is the act of it--the measuring, mixing, scooping, rolling. For me it's meditative. Since, I'm in the holiday baking "test phase" I thought I would just make some smaller batches and see what we really like.


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Nope, they shouldn't be dry, they should be moist and slightly fudgy.
Perhaps you forgot to halve the flour? Or miscalculated it?

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I don't think so, but it's always a possibility. I'm going to have to try this again over the weekend. It's good to know that they are supposed to be moist and fudgy.

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You may have just over-baked. That's really easy to do with chocolate cookies, since you can't really see the browning, and they feel underdone to the touch. They dry out fast.

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That's cool. I understand the meditative aspect completely. I don't like halving baking recipes. It never seems like an accurate test to me as invariably something is different.

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I'm wondering though if they are supposed to be dry. Has anyone made these before?

Your talking about the chocolate cookies with the cherry in the middle with frosting on top?  Shouldn't be dry at all- sort of like fudgy brownies.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!