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$1000 Whoopie Pie Contest

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Just came across a cool contest. Take a picture of yourself with a whoopie pie to win $1000. Doesn't look like many have entered yet, so chances should be pretty decent!

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See how well the spam filter (post #71639, reply #1 of 4)

See how well the spam filter works for real spam!!

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whoopie! (post #71639, reply #2 of 4)

Ha, ironically I'm making a batch of whoopie pies tomorrow for a friend's birthday.  Too bad for the contest you have to use their particular brand of storebought pies.

Cheers, Jen

P.S. here's "my" recipe, which is really from Gourmet:

But I think I will try this recipe, which has butter and buttermilk instead of shortening:

Bake 'em yourself, don't eat storebought!

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whoopie $$$ (post #71639, reply #3 of 4)

To report further on whoopie pie sightings in Chicago, a local market was offering whoopie pies from a nearby bakery-- and the price was $30/dozen. Holy cats, what a price!!  And they are so easy to make!


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Too bad I don't live in (post #71639, reply #4 of 4)

Too bad I don't live in Chicago. Would have loved to get those pies.

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