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What do they eat in Fiji?

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Ok, next vacation (once I get our visitors out of our hair tomorrow) is a week in Fiji next month. We'll be on a cruise, so many of our meals will be at the on-board restaurant. For the times when we are eating in the Fijian towns, though, we'd like to make sure we try some of the local specialties. Anyone have any ideas what they are? I know there is something called a
i lovo feast,
with the usual coal-filled pit used to cook some sort of meat - but that's about all I know.

If anyone has been to Fiji, or is familiar with the cuisine, I'd appreciate any input.

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My sister was there last year, she says its not exactly the paradise we imagine. junk food and litter was a problem on the beaches.
Almost everything is imported except pig and fish.

She was at Club Med which has its own private Island but went to the main Island. Overall she really liked it. She works for Club Med and gets free trips, we ain't THAT rich.

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DH and I went to Bora Bora and although it's not Fiji the region is close enough. Very very beautiful BTW. The food we ate wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but out of the ordinarily expensive. We found a little place out of the way that served specialty pizzas and pastas that was very good and not as expensive as eating at our resort. At the resort fettucini alfredo and bottled water for the two of us came to $50. So for the most part we'd go the the grocery store in town and the vendors at the side of the road and buy some bread, cheese, fruit and a few other things and have a simple yet good lunch and pick on things during the day then have dinner at an actual restaurant. With it being so hot too, we didn't have much of an appetite during the day especially since we we're always on the go. For breakfast we found a little French patisserie where we'd indulge in croissants and coffee topped off with coconut milk.

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My three sisters and I had a reunion on Viti Levu, the largest island, last February. (We became known as "The Awesome Foursome")!. We hired a car and traveled from Nadi through Waidroka Bay to Natadola Beach. Finding good food became, well, a challenge.

Gerard is right - the food is not good. I may be biased because polynesian food has very little appeal to me - every island in the Pacific is similiar.

Local dishes in Fiji include
i palusami,
meat wrapped in taro leaves and cooked in
i lolo
(sweet cream of coconut)
i kokoda,
fresh fish marinated in lime and coconut milk.
i Magiti
are BBQ's offered by resorts, but you
i may
find a good
i lovo,
where food is wrapped in banana leaves and pit roasted.

The best bet is
i Kokoda,
we had some delicious ones, but the rest was boring.
The actual Fijiian people will make up for the food though. I know you will have a wonderful time, Nihon.

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I cannot add much to the food question about Fiji except to confirm that it really is not memorable. But as Aussiechef says the Fijians are wonderful. It is just a constant exchange of Bula all day long. Everybody speaks to you. We were there one month, well three week there, and one awful week in Cook Islands - which I hated. Rain Rain Rain
for 7 days and nothing to do other than drive in a circle around the island. Not at all friendly compared to Fiji. I love Fiji. Ccan you tell. We stayed for a couple of nights at the Regent of Fiji and let me tell you that was a treat. THe weather was wonderful and the water divine. Have a great time. I am envious.

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You must have missed the incredibly
b erotic
dancing in the Cook Islands. Talk about jaw-dropping. We needed rain to cool us down.

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Actually, I do remember the dancing to be the absolute best thing about Cook Islands. We had a pretty dismal time there as I recall and while I know that Cockroaches are to be expected - there seemed to be as many as there were people. I cannot recall seeing any in Fiji altho I know they are there. Thank you for the fig ideas. I adore them.

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We have erotic dancing in Seattle too.

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There is a large Indian population in Fiji, so maybe you would enjoy trying some good Indian food while you're there.