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Sweet Chili and Root Beer Baby Back Ribs recipe clarification

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In the June/July issue, for the recipe for Sweet Chili & Root Beer Baby Back Ribs, after grilling, it asks for the ribs to be transferred to a large baking sheet lined with foil.  Then, after brushing with the sauce, it asks you to return the ribs to the cool zone of the grill and cook...  My question is should the ribs stay on the covered baking sheet or rest on the grill directly?

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Hi OldTroll!

My interpretation is that the ribs should rest on the grill-- this is just a quick cooking to glaze them with the sauce.  That is what I did when we made the ribs-- they are really good, I hope you enjoy them!


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I agree with Pie, I also placed the ribs on the cookie sheet rather than directly on the grill for the saucing step. I cooked these last night - and they were stellar!   One change I made was to cook them in a covered roaster over indirect heat on the BBQ, rather then open on the grill as the recipie states.  They were moist and tender and that sauce is off the chart amazing.  My dinner guest went back for seconds - something he rarely does.   Enjoy. 

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Just a comment on your cooking method. You might as well have done it in the oven if in a covered pan and not on "coals". I'm sure they were delicious--pork ribs are just that.