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Merveilleux (post #61379)

One of our customers at work is looking for a dessert she always enjoyed at home in Belgium. She says it was called Mereilleux and that's where googling becomes pointless. It means marvelous, and the search turns into a real big drag. The customer is vague in her description of the dessert, but we understand it is one of those vertical desserts. Fron a drawing done by the customer: It starts with a layer of cake, then a layer of meringue, a layer of whipped cream, another layer of meringue, a last layer of whipped cream, and then fresh fruit on top. The sides of this tower are then coated with chocolate shavings. It doesn't sound very appealing to me. Or logical. The higher ups are looking at me to make this exclusively for this customer. Fine, but tell me exactly what you want me to make. Does anyone have any idea what i'm talking about here? I will also post this at I put a period here, or what?) I'll let you know if I get an answer, so y'all can make it at home. Thanks

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Merveilleux (post #61379, reply #31 of 33)

I assume she means this:

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merveilleux (post #61379, reply #32 of 33)

this recipe is also called Astridje. you can see a picture on the German website for Astridje. 

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The post is 11 years old!! (post #61379, reply #33 of 33)

The post is 11 years old!!