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Mean Chef....Cheesecake is out of thi...

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Is this the cheesecake recipe w/o a crust?

I'm in charge of bringing cheesecake for the crew of boarders this week. I have a good recipe but know there are much better recipes out there. Tell us why you liked it. Can it be made in individual sized portions? What did you serve w/ it, if anything? How far in advance should I make it? Bla Bla Bla...

M.C., any and all help would be graetly appreciated.

Mery Christmas!

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Cleaver- I made the cheesecake a couple of weekends ago- It has no crust, it is SINFUL. I t is
great plain, but I made a rasberry sauce to drizzle over it- wonderful. BE SURE THE ALUMINUM FOIL IS ON TIGHT!!!!!

I also made it last weekend & (gasp) froze it for mom & dad coming in for Christmas!!'


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It is so light ...actually you can eat alot of this (which is bad).. no crust, which is good..why waste calories on a crust? I did use almond extract instead of the vanilla, and added a little bit more lemon juice, with a couple of drops of lemon oil. Thinking of adding lemon zest to my next one??! What do you think?

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I must be ignorant or VERY computer illiterate!! I have tried all the suggestions and am unable to locate Mean Chefs receipe for cheesecake--Help!
I have developed my own receipe for a very very rich cheesecake (no more than 1 slice please maam!) and would love to obtain Mean Chef's creation to learn more!

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Tell me more about your cheesecake recipe! Cheesecakes of course, have many variations -- some better than others. And of course, (in my humble opinion) the rich ones are the best!

(One of the best cheesecake's I've had is a real super dense chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. It had hazelnut praline swirled throughout with some sort of a hazelnut carmel crust.)

I'm interested in hearing more....


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Scroll to the top of the page and click on the word Archives. In the box next to the word SEARCH type in the word cheesecake. Then click search. In a short time a list will come up. Scroll to Mean Chefs Impress Your Friends Cheesecake and click on it. Buy the ingredients, follow the directions, dine on a sumptuous dessert.