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ice cream

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ice cream (post #60148)

I recently made ice cream from one of my F.C. zines. It was THE most disgusting thing I have EVER made. I'm not blaming this on the author of the article, but I do have a few questions. In the picture of the orange and cherry ice cream, the cherries are bright, the ice cream is a nice vanilla color. My cherries (they cost me a small fortune!) were brown, as was my "custard". My ice cream looked like something off the bottom of a dumpster. Why? I followed the recipe to the letter. Any suggestions? Has anybody else made this recipe, and if so any comment on how it worked out? I guess I'll stick to Hagen Daaz.

Riley Madison

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I make the ice cream which was given in the Fine Cooking magazine regularly.

Infact, I have won several ice cream contests with it and everybody I know spends tons of time trying to convince me to give them the recipe.

I don't know about your cherries. your ice cream was brown due to the brown sugar. I hope you used _light_ brown sugar. :-)

Here are a few things I have done and I really liked these results.

First I start out with that cherry ice cream recipe and I take out everything which is not required so I have an ice cream base which I can flavor as I please. I then use all white sugar instead of white and brown as I want to avoid the taste of the brown so I get a cleaner flavor.

I have made the following variations all done to taste:

1) Ginger -- with ginger oil and chopped candied ginger. (Be careful with that ginger oil its super strong.)

2) Tangarine -- Tangarine oil. Takes a bit. (People love this but can't figure out what it is which is pretty funny to watch.)

3) Orange -- Orange Oil takes a bit.

4) Peppermint -- peppermint oil with chopped dark
chocolate, or peppermint candy. (Peppermint oil is _very_ strong.)

5) Indian Flavor -- I forget what it is called. Use chopped roasted pistachios and cashews. Then flavor with cardamom.

Sorry the recipe didn't work out for you, it works great for me and many people tell me that the ice cream is better than Haagan Daz.

Incidently, I have been tempted at times to make up a batch and flavor it with say ... garlic oil and then drop it off unobtrusively at a church pot-luck. Could be fun! :-)


(BTW: Anybody ever notice that Ben and Jerries claims to be "natural" and "back to earth" but has many more artificial ingredients than Haagan Daz.)

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to try it one more time with one of your variations in leau of the orange and cherries. I love ice cream and now I've GOT to learn to make it.
Thanx again!

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Art, I've always wanted to make ice cream and sorbets. What kind of ice cream maker do you use?

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Hmmm.... My message didn't post, I'll try this again...

What kind of ice cream maker do I use????

Nothing fancy by any means. I have one of those hand crank, dump the ice and salt in, ice cream makers which is about 30-35 years old. (Bummed it off my mom.) I like it mainly for sentamental reasons however, one of these days I'm going to have to get an electric as this ice cream is way too popular.

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I use a Donvier, got it as a gift 12 years ago. I've made the ws several years back and took a few tries, but it was actually quite delicious. I was omnipotent for a few days afterwards, for all the wrong reasons. T'was worth it, though.

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I got an ice cream maker for xmas and would be interested in the fine cooking receipes. I have only recently subscibed to this mag.
thanks heaps jill

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Lucky you! What kind did you get. I think I'd love to have one, but for fruit sorbets, not ice cream.
I'm supposed to be on a low fat diet and desserts are so difficult, we usually go without, but I think we'd enjoy the sorbets. Keep us posted re. how you like it, how often you use it, etc.

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As for the Donvier, it is VERY easy to use; its not electric, it just takes some stirring, & you need no salt or ice. Just remember to put the "liner" bucket in the freezer the day before you want to make s'cream. It is inexpensive, too, compared to electric models. It gets good reviews in ice cream articles, however, I THINK I remember that electric models may be higher-rated. Many times ice cream articles will recommend makers.

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While we are discussing ice cream...

As I mentioned before, I have had really good success with the ice cream recipe provided in FC. (With some slight modifications of my own.)

However, I am curious as to whether anyone out there has a recipe for ice cream which duplicates the style of Haagen Dazs. The FC recipe is richer and perhaps more flavorful however, I also like the simpler taste / feel of Haagen Dazs. (I think the FC recipe probably has more cream and possibly more egg yolks.)

Does anyone out there have anything along these lines?