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Hot Chocolate - High volume style

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Hope you'll pardon another of us rednecks from Breaktime slipping over here to post...................(-:

My Wife and I run a food tent at a local Historical Society Festival twice a year, and the first one is this weekend. They have a craft fair, flea market, demonstrations, and such. Draws a pretty big crowd and keeps us hopping.

We typically serve simple but elegant stuff - Hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, chips, nachos, and cookies. For drinks we have soda and coffee. But when the weather is cool (Like it's supposed to be this weekend) we get a lot of requests for hot chocolate.

So how do we make large volumes of hot chocolate and keep it hot ? I'm not a big fan of the stuff, and have actually never make it. My thoughts have ranged from a crock pot and dipping it out with a ladle to keeping hot water in a coffee pot and just adding hot chocolate mix to it in the cups we serve it in.

Anyone have any other suggestions ?

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Ron, I occasionally make hot chocolate to take on picnics. I make it from scratch, then put it in a pre-warmed thermos. It keeps for hours. If you want to use a mix, then just take a thermos of hot water and make it to order. A little spritz of canned whipped cream on top would be nice...

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If large volume- I say go with a coffee urn, a big one with a spout at the bottom. Pre make it for speed, then keep warm in the urn. Whipped cream is a good idea ML.

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I would go with a coffee pot full of hot water and individual packages of cocoa. For sure have canned whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top if people want it.

Or, here is a formula for making your own mix , its only drawback is that it fails to mention how much cocoa it will make - you have to do the figuring.

*Cocoa Mix

*2 cups powdered whole milk
*2 cups powdered non - fat milk
*1 cup powdered creamer - optional
*3/4 cup cocoa
*1/8 tsp. salt
* 1 - 2 cups sugar

Sift together powdered milk , creamer , cocoa and salt. Add sugar, mix well. Store in airtight container. To make cocoa , fill cup 1/4 full of mix, add a small amount of water, stir well until blended, fill container to top with hot water, stir to blend.

For a richer mix use 4 cups powdered whole milk , ommitting non - fat milk.

To use sweetened chocolate powder, decrease sugar to 1/4 cup.

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Rent a 5 gallon thermovat at a party rental store. It might cost $10 - $15 for the day.

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Hi Ron, I only make hot chocolate in a mug, so I'm not much help......Good advice on this forum.....

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Well, the festival is over. We kept hot waterin a coffee thingy to keep it hot, and added powdered hot chocolate mix as we dispensed it. Had a little disagreement over how much to put in each cup, but that's about it.

The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday, and about 55 degrees Sunday morning when we opened up - So the stuff sold fairly well.

Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions.

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Yeah Ron! Glad it worked out for you.

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Solution (post #59660, reply #8 of 8)

Here is the answer!  under the Cortina Tab

It holds up to 5 - 10 Liters of Chocolate