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Food Science and Burning Brownie Ques...

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I know I asked a complicated question (to which there are many answers - thank you all) but THE ONE most burning question I have is how to make the chewiest brownie ever???

I'm sure brownie mixes which have that texture use dough conditioners (yes?) but that plastic chocolate taste and all the other junk is awful.

I have quite a few brownie recipes but I can't quite tweak them to be less cake-y and more chewey - more eggs? less flour? more butter? (melted or unmelted?) Any suggestions?

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Mary, go to, click on recipes, click on brownies. Maida Heatter's brownie recipe is the best around if you don't want a cake-like brownie. It's as fudgy as they get.
I make them for clients by the sheet pan and use callebaut bittersweet chocolate.