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Folders, Folders : Who is in charge o...

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Who is supposed to create folders to help categorize this stuff? It seems that folks are getting into a discussion and then starting a new one. Someone needs to organize the discussion topics by folder. But alas, I think only the Webmaster can create a folder.
I am sure that I will come to love this new format in time. I am certain that Sean is working feverishly on the following problems:

1. Folder organization as discussed above.

2. Having "new" next to truly new messages.

3. Some way to see the
b BIG PICTURE. (I guess the bold works!)

4. Allowing all messages in a discussion to be visible at once.

5. This may be my fault, but when I read an item it does not change color like it did before. If I use the "back" Button the color is changed, but when I go back by clicking on the "Cook's Talk-Fine Cooking Discussion" there is no color change.

6. I can't very well use MEAN CHEF with the sewing ladies. I need to be able to use a name appropriate to each discussion group.

7. Also, I had to set up a special E-Mail account to collect all of my hate mail.

8.How can we avoid responding to a post only to have it edited later rendering the reply inappropriate.

I am sure there are things that I havn't found yet, but I will in time.
Having been involved in numerous data processing projects in my past life, I think congratulations are in order for Sean. Normally a new system is far more f---ed up than this one when it first comes out.

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Excellent points MEAN CHEF, and LOL at #7. And it was databases that I used to regularly break (for a salary), so, maybe between the two of us hammering and others tapping away, we can break this puppy in! Teaching the old dogs new tricks...whew...meow =^..^=

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Hi Mean Chef- glad you didn't disappear on us!!
I agree totally with all you said, especially #5. I am in another website to quit smoking & it is in the same format we had before- & you would not beleave the number of people who use it. I don't understand why we can't fo back- this is very confusing and time consuming.

Merry Christmas!!!

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hey adele,

which discussion group is that? i'd love to look at their implementation (y'all aren't the only only ones who had a vested interest in that board; sho do you think lobbied his bosses to use it and then slaved for 18 months pretending to know perl to get it working at all, on ly to see it crash and burn :(

and keep adding comments; this board's like an american muscle car; you can just keep tinkering and adding new parts and it just runs badder and louder.


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If you return to the previous thread and your just-posted message is nowhere to be seen, refresh your browser...usually by pressing the F5 key..