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Downloading archived issues

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Love being able to down load this years issues, all except dec/jan 2012, on my ipad, much easier than having the laptop on the counter.  .  How do you download older issues?  I have subcpscrib to Fine Cooking for years nd now enjoy the ownloads very much.  

Deb S.

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Downloads (post #71717, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Deb, I think the digital edition just became available, so you can't download older issues-- but I'm sure the mods will be along to give us the real scoop. I usually pull up the recipes on the FC website when I"m working from my ipad-- I agree, so much better than a laptop!

In the meantime, it's great to "meet" another FC fan-- in the "Cooking Discussion" section, we're talking about what we've cooked from the latest issue. Have you made anything from that issue?

Cheers, Jen

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FC issues available for download (post #71717, reply #2 of 2)

Hi Deb,

First, thanks so much for subscribing to Fine Cooking. We really appreciate it.

Pie’s right: At this time, April/May 2012 is the earliest of our core issues available for download in the Apple Store.

Thanks again for your loyalty to the magazine,

CT Mods