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bugs in system

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sorry for any confusion here. there may be a few bugs scuttling thru the system here (i just squashed a couple discovered upon returning to my desk after a few scant hours of precious freedom), but most features should be working. i'll be modifying the help section on-the-fly, and invite everyone to chime in with comments.

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Re: Setting preferences-I set mine to show the messages by date, with the newest being listed first. They came out being rearranged but not with the newest first. So, being the persistent ----- that I am, I tried twice more but got the same results each time. Help!

Re:The "NEW" icon-They don't work. What can I say? They're still there the next day and the next. Once I read a post and have closed down, shouldn't they disappear?

AND I STILL CAN'T READ THIS!! Could we have a preference button for setting the size of this font? Please?


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click on 'your preferences' on the bottom navigation bar, and from the susbsequent menu select the font sizes you like the pages to appear at.

everything in this sucker is modifiable.

still working on the 'new' bug.


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This is wonderful!! I can read this at 20 paces and my poor husband will get his glasses back. He thanks you, and so do I!

Sincerely, Carolina