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Blooming or Flowering Onion Recipe fo...

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My friends and I have ordered these fried onions at fairs and in bars now and again. So, they sent me a "flowering" onion maker for the holidays. It is actually cool, because you can also cut tomatoes, oranges, apples to dip or whatever. My questions is that my little gadget didn't have the recipe to "Bake" the onion instead of frying it. Some of the onion makers do have the baking instructions...does anyone have them?? I am sure it is very simple and I will figure it out if I have too, but maybe one of you will have it for me.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Mar, I also got gadget for Christmas - booklet simply says "to bake: Place onion on cookie sheet and bake at 375° for 30 minutes or until golden brown". All the other instructions are exactly the same. I have not tried it yet.