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Back Issues (post #62546)

I have most of the back issues of Fine Cooking since 1996. I need to downsize but hate the thought of simply taking them to the dump. Any ideas?


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Me, me, me!!! How much do you want for them??? I promise they will be read and reread, used, and bequeathed to my three daughters. No pressure, though :).



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Hi Canuck!

I have organized all the mags and I have the following: Issues 13 through 59, except Issue 16, Issues 62, 63, 66 and 68 (which you probably already have).

I don't know where you live, but just for an example I called my post office to get mailing rates. I live in Washington state and to mail to southern Ca it would cost $1.59 for the first pound, adding $.48 for each pound thereafter. Each magazine weighs about 9 1/2 ounces so 10 magazines would be about $4 to mail.

I looked up the price for "new" back issues. They are, with shipping and handling, over $10 each. Since these mags are obviously used, does $4 each (with shipping)sound fair?

I don't know how this works. Maybe you could send me enough for shipping and when you get the mags, you could send me the rest??? Any other ideas?

Let me know which issues you are interested in.

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Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me; I'd like them from 13-59. I started my collection around 60, so that works perfectly. 

I will email you separately now regarding getting the money to you. If you don't get that email, please post again here.

Thanks so much






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You lucky noodle!! Good for you...Pamilyn

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

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You'll get plenty of takers here, or if you want to maximize your profits, try Ebay!

Ruth Wells

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job."
 - G.B. Shaw

Ruth Wells

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job."
 - G.B. Shaw

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Yes, definitely put them on e:bay or sell them there.  You've definitely got the right audience :)

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I'd like to get in line too. I'm missing 12 through 26.

My mother's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.

- Buddy Hackett

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