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Well, It's Official...

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You freakin' tease! ROFL! Where are the pics? Congratulations, and may you live long and prosper! I send you a waterfall of blessings that will nourish your lives :-)

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We began receiving family last Sunday when my mom arrived from Florida. Three planes (including a puddle jumper) and just a little worse for wear, she was happy to see us at the airport.

On Thursday, my future MIL and her husband arrived from Idaho Falls. Shortly after, lifelong family friends (six of them!) arrived from Salt Lake City. They are the proprietors of Cummings Candy Studio, which has been in existence since 1924. The matriarch is a wonderful woman with a larger than life personality. She brought with her two daughters. One of them had her husband in tow, and the other brought two of her children, adorable young girls. They all checked into the lodge (where our wedding would be held). My future FIL and his wife also arrived on Thursday. They drove down from Montana in a Westphalia Volkswagen camper with their two dachsunds. As a matter of fact, FDH's whole contingent converged on our little town within 45 minutes of one another – pretty remarkable considering they came from three different western states. Since everyone hit town at around the same time, we decided to eat at a local restaurant together.

Friday was a pretty busy day – the moms made up our chamomile tea favors for us (it gave them something to do!). Another group went to Mesa Verde to explore the cliff dwellings while we continued cooking for the wedding. We prepared for another family dinner that evening at another local restaurant. We had a wonderful meal together and my future MIL regaled us with tales of camping trips and childhood embarassments perpetrated by FDH. Of course, my mother jumped right in with a few historical tidbits from my past. Another great meal was enjoyed and we left anticipating the events of the next day. As my mom hugged my FMIL, she remarked, “Just think, tomorrow we’ll be related!”

Saturday was a glorious day. The best Colorado has to offer. Warm breezes wrapped the beautiful lodge and all its inhabitants in a blanket of coziness through bright sunshine.

I wore a dress that was truly significant. You see, I got it from a woman who wanted to make sure this beautiful lace gown fulfilled its destiny. Circumstances arose in her life which prevented her from wearing the dress. Knowing the loving and loyal relationship in which I’m lucky to be a part, she saw a perfect opportunity and suggested I wear it. Having never met her, I was wondering if the dress would fit me, so she sent it to me and we let the chips fall where they might. It fit me like a glove, like it was made for me. You know her as Grasshopper.

It was time to begin. I wanted to include the two young girls who came from Salt Lake City, so I gave one of them my “throw-away” bouquet to carry and the other got the basket of petals to toss in my path. Daughter proceeded to the clearing where the ceremony was to take place, then it was my turn.

And there he was, standing next to the judge looking as handsome as ever in a new suit. As Judge Wendy spoke the words that would join us, I know I had a ridiculous smile on my face the whole time.

The ring bearer had our rings in a ramekin around which I had tied ivory ribbon. We would be married on a grassy hill and I didn’t want this kid dropping the rings and causing an Easter-egg-like hunt in the middle of the ceremony. FDH interlocked the wedding band section around my engagement ring and slipped it on my finger. Then it was my turn and I took the gold band and slid it on his finger. He kissed me on the judge’s cue and when we hugged he said, “Hello, Mrs. K.” He always knows exactly the right thing to say.

We had hugs all around and I didn’t cry until I hugged my mother. She was crying, I believe out of sheer relief that I was finally happy.

We took some pictures (we have some digi’s but not many – I have posted them here). Then, we repaired to the lodge to have some of the food we made to offer our guests. Here’s what we served:

Paté de Campagne
Smoked Salmon Cheesecake
Antipasti…Sun dried tomatoes, olives, artie hearts, mushrooms, cheeses
Baked Bowtie Pasta with ricotta and mozzarella
Beef Stew with Burgundy Wine Sauce
Saffron Rice Salad
Home-Made Lemonade

We opened gifts and shared champagne together. We received some beautiful things including a stained glass hanging made by my FIL’s wife and a staggeringly generous gift from my MIL and her husband. We cut the cake which was a German Spice cake, similar to the one I made for a friend’s 80th birthday in January. The only difference was the marzipan and rolled fondant coating; and some seriously flawed gum paste flowers ;) - Thank God no botanists were in attendance.

The site for our wedding was absolutely breathtaking with views that wrap around the whole place. Sundance Bear is an extraordinary bed & breakfast run by Sue and Bob Scott. We had done some catering jobs for them in the past and Sue loves my cheesecake and DH’s bread. (DH…I get to say that now!!) She’s a huge cheerleader for our restaurant and talks us up to guests all the time. Sundance Bear is on an expanse of wooded grounds and has beautiful accommodations for guests. Visit their website: If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in the 4 Corners, you won’t do any better than Sue and Bob’s lodge.

We’ll be getting more pictures in the days ahead as the regular film is developed. I’ll post some here once their scanned but I thought you’d enjoy these for the time being.

It was an incredible day…and now the honeymoon continues.

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Geez, Kai - you're
i fast!

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Not the best of pix but I futzed around with it and even though it's not sharp, it has a good aura. (It's now my wallpaper.)

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Chiff - I'm so happy for you and Dave - it sounds like y'all doubled the population of Mancos with all the family arriving! The pics are two look so happy, and I know you are. Sounds like you have a wonderful family on both sides. Best to all of you. Bet your DD had a grand time, too!

Now, you've got to tell me if I've lost my mind...hasn't your DH (isn't it nice to call him that now??) shaved his beard since I met him? I thought he had a fuller beard, but could be that senility has just grabbed me once again.

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Congratulations, Chiff. I wish you both the best.

i He kissed me on the judge’s cue

I'm surprised you would let him kiss you there in public.

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May today's love and joy remain for a lifetime!

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Golly, for once I'm in the right place at the right time! Gorgeous photos and memoir, Chiff.

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Congratulations Chiff - I wish you and your DH every happiness, and a lifetime of love and joy. Thank you for sharing your day with us - it sounds perfect. Got a bit choked up when I read
i "I wore a dress that was truly significant",
i "You know her as Grasshopper".
She is a dear heart - what a lovely gesture on her part and so very much like her. Once again, thank you for sharing with us.

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Wow-weeks go by without me looking in this folder-glad I saw this. Congratulations-sounds like your day was perfect!

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I'm so glad I checked in....
b Congratulations.
Funny, though...I did think you'd whip out a peach, take a bite and then let DH have at the juice instead of the kiss on cue. Best to you both, always.

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Oh Chiff! I'm never going to be able to go to work tomorrow, I'm crying again. I wish you joy and happiness and sharing and caring for you and dear husband and your precious daughter. I'm just so happy that you finally have what you have wanted- Love, unconditional and shared.


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Definitely AOFTM

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Congratulations Chiffonade! Beautiful pics. Hope you have a very happy life together. The dress looks perfect on you. It was a beautiful thing for grasshopper to do.

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WOW!!!! So much for not checking "Entertaining & special occasions".... I am so happy for you, congratulations, the pictures are gorgeous, you "sound" happy happy happy!!!! I wish you 75 years of bliss, joy, harmony - 75 should be enough, I guess - ok, I'll give you 80!

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i ...So much for not checking "Entertaining & special occasions"...

i ...Wow-weeks go by without me looking in this folder...

i ...I'm so glad I checked in...

I often wonder why people don't check this folder. Christmases, birthdays, etc. seem perfectly at home in this folder, yet no one looks here...LOL.

Thank you all for such kind words. People ask us if we feel any different and we both say "not really." Truth be told, I felt married to him when I first moved here - but we will now have the same name. (I'm sure there are people out there who are writing my last name in
i pencil.)

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What a lovely couple you make. Best wishes for a long and happy life together. Like Adele, I got all teary when I read your account of the wedding and the happy union of your families.

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Congratulation Chiffonade. You both look VERY happy and relaxed. Many happy years together. Cheers from Canada.

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Well, just boo-hooed all the way through this thread...Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!
And (at least) ten gold stars to Grasshopper!

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and best wishes from another corner of Canada. I never check here either... Maybe Li should set up a new folder devoted just to Memoirs...could include babie pics, weddings, everything else we won't want to forget...

Chiff yer gorgeous! And that guy with you ain't too shabby either. Wonderful gown! I see much happiness ahead for you! (And I am psychic that way!)

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Congratulations, Chiff(and DH & DD - let's not forget her, I'm sure she's very happy too). I was thinking of you on Saturday when we cut my parents 40th anniversary cake. I wish you well.

And Grasshopper, what a wonderful thing you did, sharing your wedding gown, I'm sure that your generosity made Chiff's day even more special.

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Congratulations Chiffonade , and may you have many peaches.

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Nothing like a good wedding to bring old friends out of the closet! Aussie, where have you been, and why haven't you been in touch?

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Me, too. I never check this folder. And I wouldn't have if someone hadn't posted something about it on Ipke. I was wondering how the wedding went. I just figured you were still honeymooning!

Chiff, congratulations! I couldn't be happier for you! You looked gorgeous, BTW! Your daughter looks just like you...

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Chiff, congratulations, it sounds like it was a truly wonderful day... the perfect way to begin (or should I say continue :-) a truly wonderful life together!

Best wishes to you, DH, and DD!!

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Oh sweetie, you looked soooo beautiful and Dave is a doll............always thought your little girl was gorgeous, too. Your cake was lovely and I'm so sure all the food was just perfect. May GOD richly bless you both with many wonderful years ahead.....what a beautiful family the three of you make.

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Aha, I found it!
Congrats Chiff, Dave, and DD!

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Well! I wondered what was going on! MAJOR CONGRATS, Chiff!! I'm sooooo happy for you and DH, and the DD!


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Chiff, all my very best thoughts/wishes for you and your new life together. I never open this folder and if it hadn't been mentioned in IPKE, I would totally have missed it. You all look gorgeous, beautiful cake, very beautiful gown. GH is a love to have sent it to you, and it looks as if made just for you. Thanks for sharing and I am sorry it took me so long to find out about it.

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All you folks who were late to the wedding will have to learn to use Check Messages. Hope the cake wasn't too dried out to eat. LOL