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Snowbound in New Mexico

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Well, thank goodness electricity is still on and I can put hot food on the table tonight. This was/is the storm of the century for NM and gotta say it is quite lovely out there. I-40 from one end of the state (AZ)to the other (TX) is closed, as is parts of I-25.

Hot bread in oven, tamales steaming, and pinto beans simmering. Now THAT is a well balanced meal! but good!!and you thought I couldn't cook! ;=)

Yup We're gonna be just fine.

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Well, you must be getting all the snow that we are supposed to be getting here in Canada. All that we have been getting is RAIN! You can have the rain back and I will gladly take the snow. As you said it is beautiful...all I can say about rain is it makes everything dirty and muddy.  

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Would love to join you for dinner...sounds delicious.  If you have food and warmth, who needs the roads open, right?

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What I have thought was so cute about this particular snow with our kids in CO is that CO has had to do what NC does whenever an inch of snow is forecast--rally the trucks, get out the slag, go to the store for hamburger and milk!!  SO funny!!

AND having to stay home, fix hot chocolate as the kids come in, dry clothes while they are drinking it, go back out and play some more. Snow days in NC--the stuff great memories (and some pictures!) are made of!!


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