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Memories of bread

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I thought you folks might want to share this memory with me:
            My life for many reasons evolved around the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread.  The golden brown crust cradling the soft white core always had a magical place in the life of my family.  Although I am much older now and less surrounded by my loved ones, the memories of past times are focused in the kitchen with friends, family and loaves of wonderful crisp bread at our meals.
            Moments seem frozen in my mind's eye of a small curly-hair boy dashing to the bread baker's for his mother.  My chore was to pick out the best two loaves of bread "one with seeds, the other without - the crust not too light".  Never did both loaves ever make it back to the sanctuary of our kitchen without the ritual of tearing off one of the crisp ends and devouring it on the run.
            Sometime on those special cold autumn evenings, if the bread was still hot, I would watch the smoke rise out of the warm torn end of the freshly baked loaf, while the heavenly aroma would fill my nostrils.  Grandma was a devotee of the large round domed-shaped loaf with a dark, thick crust known as a bonnelle.  She would tuck the round loaf under her arm, resting it against her stomach and always cut slices toward her apron.  In our predominately Italian neighborhood, bread reigned supreme, bread filled the stomach, warmed the heart and was our daily companion at the kitchen table.  Bread was Family.

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Welcome. And a nice memory that is. It may get moved to Ipke or another discussion topic tomorrow. You wouldn't have any way to know, but this folder is "reserved" for things that happen among CT folks that we want to save for "posterity".


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Thanks for your kind reply. Living in a predominant Italian section of Newark N.J. my life was filled with a cornucopia of excellent food and fond memories.

                                                       Lou (Provolone)